U.S. Olympian, founder of On Frame, and published author Patrick Ianni is leading exclusive soccer trainings this summer in Newport Beach, CA. Space is limited. THIS WILL FILL UP. 

You don’t need to be a star player to benefit from my approach.  I meet my athletes where they are, capturing their attention and reconnecting them to the joy of sport.   Patrick Ianni, 2x MLS Cup Champion, 8x All-American

Patrick's trainings are not typical soccer trainings. His trainings address the mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks within athletes that keep them from evolving both on and off the field.  Patrick's trainings have been host to life changing transformations for many athletes.  By shifting their training paradigm, Patrick's athletes become much more effective in their training leading to many positive outcomes: being stronger, faster, quicker, calmer, and more disciplined, aware, knowledgeable and skilled.

Patrick's coaching philosophy is influenced by a deep understanding of identity development- the internal quest of every human to know more deeply that who I am is separate from what I do. The goal is create a foundation that can support growth, success and balance in their pursuit for excellence. 

By exploring and addressing these energetic blocks, Patrick's athletes embody more courage, self-love, and confidence. It is through these personal culture shifts that athletes experience more fluidity and fearlessness in their athletic, relational, and scholarly movements. The return on this investment is priceless.

To start training with Patrick, contact him at 209-327-3482 or ianni.p@gmail.com. 



Small Group Training Package: 12 Trainings (Newport Beach, CA)

Offered for 12 consecutive weeks from June 4th– August 23rd. Players can come to as many as they want (more is better!).

  • Monday    3pm-4pm   Girls  Ages 14-19 ($995*)
  • Monday    4:15pm-5:15pm   Girls  Ages 9-14  ($995*)
  • Thursday  3pm-4pm   Boys  Ages 14-19  ($995*)
  • Thursday  4:15pm-5:15pm   Boys  Ages 9-14 ($995*)

Private Training Package: 10 Trainings** (Newport Beach, CA)

  • Ten 60 minute trainings
  • Available to boys and girls of all ages and skill levels
  • Scheduled at a mutually beneficial time.  ($2500*)

Do you want to gift Patrick to train your child’s soccer team?  (Available in Southern California - $500/hour)

*Payment due prior to first training.

**For athletes that coaching through game film analysis, private training package is available for athletes via Skype.

Small Group Trainings


Private Trainings


Team Trainings