Private Training with Patrick Ianni

Patrick Ianni is a U.S. Olympian, All-American and 9 Year MLS Veteran that discovered the depths of his own mental and emotional blocks throughout his career with help from many professionals in the field of psychology and mind-body work.  Patrick's training method uses a mindfulness-based approach to sports psychology that allows players and teams to overcome their current hurdles.  His strong yet comforting presence has helped hundreds of kids radically transform their relationship with themselves, their training and their performance. The effects for his players extend beyond the field into all areas of their lives.  In addition to on-field sessions, Patrick offer film sessions that have been extremely impactful for players as well as mentoring sessions

Reasons Private Training is Important:  Team trainings lack the individual attention players need to succeed.  Players improve quicker when they take part in tailored workouts to their specific challenges, strengths and position(s).  Players also build a special bond with a coach who is interested in their development and can serve as a great source of friendship and mentorship.  This relationship allows players to ask questions that they normally shy away from in a bigger group. Individual attention is necessary for players to create a sense of significance and security which leads to higher levels of performance.  Teams also benefit from a different expert voice to unlock the next level of unified performance.

For questions and bookings, please email or contact Patrick at 209-327-3482.    All Patrick's bookings are done through his app which can be accessed with the button below. It takes a minute to create an account and then you'll be able to book all your trainings through it. Of course if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact Patrick and he can book for you.