Patrick spent most of his soccer career living with an illusive tension inside of him that is all too common for athletes in our culture. The tension, as he later discovered, had been created early on in his life and lay between his need for love and his ability to create success on the field. In a sense, Patrick’s need for love hijacked his soccer abilities and put them to the task of earning the love every child so desperately craves. 

With the help of many professionals in mindfulness-based therapeutic practices, Patrick started to do the hard work of transforming his relationship with himself and the game by coming to better understand how love plays a crucial role in excellence. His goal for his future coaching then became clear: help athletes gain the ability to approach their trainings with more courage and hope than they had ever trained with before.   

Pat’s strong yet comforting presence has radically transformed hundreds of kids' relationships with themselves and the sport they love. The positive effects for the players Pat has worked with extends far beyond the field into all areas of their lives. 

If anxiety or fear has ever inhibited you or your child’s athletic training, Pat’s approach is exactly what they need. 

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