Players and Teams, get individual attention from U.S. Olympian, All-American at UCLA, and MLS Goal of the Year winner Patrick Ianni!  Patrick connects with players in a way that leaves them feeling more able to achieve their dreams.  *Team sign ups by emailing

Reasons Individual Attention is Important:  Players improve dramatically quicker when they take part in tailored workouts to their specific challenges, strengths and position(s).  Players also build a special bond with a coach who is interested in their development and can serve as a great source of friendship and mentorship.  This relationship allows players to ask questions that they normally shy away from in a bigger group. Individual attention is necessary for players to create a sense of significance and security which leads to higher levels of performance.  Players also benefit from a different expert voice to unlock the next level of performance.



Four days (2 hrs. each day) of concentrated time with Patrick working on specific things that will help you change from being a reactionary player in your teams build out of the back to being the one pulling the strings!   

Cost: $240 per player (cash or check on first day).  Minimum of 6 players. Maximum of 8 players.

1v1 Defending MasterY

Four days (2 hrs. each day) of learning to master the key ingredient to winning teams and what all coaches are looking for by focusing on footwork,  and angles with Patrick, who has kept the best in the world from scoring (including Messi).  Defenders and attacking players expected!    

Cost: $240 per player (cash or check on first day)   Minimum of 6 players.  Maximum of 8 players.