Ianni training parent and Coach Workshops

In order to transform youth sports culture into something that is both emotionally healthy and highly competitive, there is a new level of depth and understanding that is necessary in today’s youth sports clubs. Through a 90-minute experience of high-level teaching and interaction that profoundly addresses the true nature of parent and coach drama in youth sports, Ianni Training Parent and Coach Workshops will deeply impact the culture of your youth sports club in multiple ways:

 -       Parents and coaches will have a more profound understanding of why they are the way they are on the sideline and also in relationship with their child or player.

-       Parents and Coaches will gain an ability to step outside of their emotional experience and therefore be able to control unwanted behaviors.

-       Parents and Coaches will experience more fun and joy on the sidelines.

-       Communication between parents, coaches, and players will improve because of the increase in emotional and mental clarity that new awareness brings.

-       Coaching directors will have new language to use in addressing and solving problems that arise in parent/coach/child relationships.

 Ianni Training is changing the culture of youth sports across the country, one club at a time. We look forward to joining with your youth sports club to continue making sports a healthier and safer place for our nations kids to experience.

 Parents Testimonies:

 "I just wanted to thank you for bringing Ianni Training to our Club.  Very eye-opening! what a beautiful gift to give to our kids. Thank You!" - Donna

 "Amazing session last night.  Purchased the book online and I couldn't sleep all night because I was thinking about everything.  Thanks for everything you are doing." - Kim

 "Loved Pat and Seth last night!  They were very motivating!" - Erika

“After listening to the talk that Seth and Pat gave last night, I know I am wrong many times but the hard part is controlling my self.  Either way for the good of my son, I know now that I need to take steps forward." - Karen

 "I never realized how my words can affect my child that much.  I thought I was just being a parent but Ianni Training Workshop really blew my mind and helped me to understand new ways on how to handle situations." - Brian

 "Incredible talk!  Our club definitely needed it, I definitely needed it!  I always thought that my talks with my child were helping the issue but now I realize how wrong I was and that my approach to dealing with the issues was distorted." - Daniel