Patrick's methodology will help your child both enjoy and excel at soccer for many years to come. This is very needed nationwide and kids who receive time with him are very lucky!       

Stuart Holden              

Fox Sports, U.S. National Team, World Cup, U.S. Olympian, MLS All Star, 2x MLS Cup Champion, English Premier League Veteran 

Patrick's training method matches the needs of today's youth, college, and pro players and has the ability to radically transform your performance.

Benny Feilhaber      

U.S. National Team, World Cup, U.S. Olympian, MLS All-Star, MLS Cup Champion, German Bundesliga Veteran     

Ianni Training workshops are revolutionizing how soccer players approach themselves, their training, their teammates, their coaches, and competition itself. No camp or workshop nationwide is more worth the investment.

Brad Evans

U.S. National Team, Seattle Sounders Captain, 2x MLS Cup Champion